HA Utilities follows a strategy that balances organic and non-organic growth. By focusing on strategic asset ownership, including joint ventures and M&As, HA Utilities targets opportunities for building profitable, sustainable platforms in the renewable and infrastructure sectors.

We have formed two sub-platforms that are developing their own strong portfolios under the HA Utilities umbrella, one focusing on renewable and solar energy investments, the other on water desalination and treatment. Through these sub-platforms, HA Utilities works directly with strong partners who have a record of success in building and growing businesses, contributing decision-making support to build out their capacity and foster scalability.

As a member of the Hassan Allam group of companies, HA Utilities can support the full spectrum of a projectʼs life, from development and financing to operations and management, providing the credibility and reliability required for innovation and success in infrastructure-related industries.

Directing this strategy is a team of management and shareholders whose financial depth and strong relationships are focused on generating long-term returns in Egypt and the MENA region.

Financial depth

Strong relationships

Solid know-how

Credible management